Dexter's Dine in and hot food offering is currently paused.
However, currently we are offering a weekly 'DATE NIGHT' menu for pick up or delivery from our kitchen for you to finish off at home on Fridays and Saturdays.
Everything comes refrigerated, and will store for 2-3 days comfortably. Allowing you to enjoy this menu when you are ready.
Its big, bold and delicious, everything you would expect from a Dexter meal. Very easy to re heat, with minimal dishes!



2nd & 3rd SEPTEMBER

Outdoor BBQ Night!

The weather this weekend is beautiful! So fire up your BBQ, and cook some delicious

meats! If you don't have a BBQ, don't worry, we will provide instructions on how cook cook inside!



Pulled Pork Sliders, Siracha Slaw




Chilly and Garlic Chicken wings


 Grilled Tiger prawns, soy and apple

Lamb Chops, hoisin, lemon




Crispy Pork and Apple Slaw

Glens 'famous' potato salad


Optional Desserts:

Milk and Cookies +$8

Hot 'straight from the oven' chocolate chip cookies, served with milk ice-cream

Kenny Lover Icecreams - 500ml tub +$17.50

FOOD MENU: $46pp







We have done all of the leg work for this dinner, although you will be given a set of instructions to follow is order to heat and plate this feast!


Note. The only cooking element will be the steak, so you must have access to a BBQ and or a stove top to complete this dinner!